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Solve the ultimate co-working/ serviced office conundrum

How to solve the ultimate co-working vs serviced office conundrum
Does the terms Coworking Office Spaces and Serviced Office Spaces confuse you? You are not alone. Coworking office spaces are said to accommodate startups looking for a conducive space for growth with a strong sense of community, while serviced office spaces are commonly thought to be pokey suites in bland environments offering little interaction with other people.

Talent acquisition and retention: Your office matters

Talent acquisition and retention: Your office matters
Are you a small business owner or freelancer with plans to grow your team? If you answered yes to that question, there is a good chance you are already working on your talent acquisition and retention strategies. If you are working remotely, that could also mean it is time for you to move from couch to office.

Running your business remotely? A virtual office can help you.

Running your business remotely? A Sydney virtual office address can help you.
Use a Sydney virtual office address to project a professional image when working from home, breaking into new markets, or spending your time on the road!

The hidden benefits of a serviced office

The hidden benefits of a serviced office
Operating expenses, including rent, are expenses that are often hard to justify when running a small business. But before ruling out a serviced office option because of its price tag, make sure to consider the following.

Reduce stress & increase productivity at work with these mindfulness tips

Reduce stress and increase productivity at work with these mindfulness tips
Have you noticed how “mindfulness” has gone mainstream these days? Mindfulness courses and mobile apps are ubiquitous, driving more individuals and companies in embracing a meditation routine. Although some may call it a fad, the trend is growing as it has been found helpful to those who live a demanding lifestyle.

The Art Of Running A Successful Meeting

The art of running successful meetings
Meetings are infamous for being a corporate plague. Ineffective, long, boring and numerous, more than often they achieve close to nothing while taking up everyone’s valuable time. It does not matter your industry is: whether it’s healthcare, IT solutions, law, or financial services, if you’re a consultant, you need to make the best use of your time. How effectively you manage your time can affect business outcomes.

Crows Nest - Love where you work

It is no surprise that Crows Nest was awarded the Most Liveable Suburb in Sydney, the suburb where you will find Excen's stunning offices. Crows Nest received the first position in the Urban Living Index out of 228 other suburbs in Sydney.*

Open Letter to Office Workers

Open Letter to all Office Workers
It’s never been a better time to be an office worker – sure, there are long hours, terrible clients and horrendous take-away food at 11pm at night, but in terms of livability and comfort, the modern office space leaves its predecessors in the dust.

COVID-Safe Workspace

Excen is open for business and ready to support your changing office and virtual office needs. We have taken every precaution in our centres with additional touchpoint cleaning, hand sanitisers and social distancing. No lifts so no touch points between the front door and your private office.